Payment Gateway: An Essential Look-up

Payment Gateway: An Essential Look-up


The payment gateway plays a very crucial role in deciding a reliable platform to make payment. We come across n number of payment gateways around us. Among all the prevalent platforms Razorpay is one of the most trusted and authenticated gateway to make your payments. All your payments are done within a fraction of seconds and you need not worry about your privacy.


Ease of Payment Modes

Razorpay provides you with an abundance of options to select as a mode of payment. You can use Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets, etc. to proceed with your payment. You can make the payments without giving any second thought.


Robust Security

You must be wondering, how you can be sure about the security of your account details? What if your details are hampered? How are you going to rely on the payment gateway? Razorpay is one such solution to shoo away all your worries. It is PCI DSS and ISO:27001 compliant. You get access to secure and encrypted communication with the help of Razorpay in which no third party user can encroach your private data.


Easily Accessible

You need not bother about how will you make the payments if you are not at a particular place. Razorpay gives you the flexibility to pay seamlessly from anywhere across the globe. You can utilize your time and make payments effortlessly. All your payments are authenticated in an organized way.


How Your books Provides You an Efficient Payment Gateway?

Yourbooks provide you with an efficient way to make the payments. Not only this, you can even see all previous payment details in an organized way. When you click on the “Payments” option from your panel you will be prompted to fill in these details.

The fields marked with (*) are mandatory and you can’t proceed further without populating values in them. You can select from the payment methods listed in the dropdown list like Cash, Cheque, DD, Online, and Credit Card. These methods give you a range of options to choose from as per your convenience. You need not worry about your payments as with the help of our secured gateway, you can make payments anytime at your convenience.

What if you want to search for some payment record you made in the past? What if you have lost track of your payment? Need not worry, as Yourbooks is always there to resolve your trouble. You can view your payments by selecting the invoice number, company name, range of dates, and amount ranges.

You can view the list in a detailed manner and perform the edit or delete operation on it as per your convenience. This will help to save your precious time and complete all the tasks in the stipulated time. Yourbooks is your friend in disguise that provides you all the facilities under a single roof. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and grab Yourbooks and experience a phenomenal outlook for your services.

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