The filing of various GST forms is a very essential task to keep going with your taxes. In this article, we are going to understand GSTR 2A in-depth so that you never get stuck in between and have a clarity of process.


What is GSTR 2A?

GSTR 2A is an auto-populated form that you don’t need to fill by yourself. It is dependent on the filing of GSTR 1. It is a read-only document that you can’t edit. The GST portal owns the responsibility to automatically generate purchase-related tax returns for every business.


The responsibility to verify the details of this form lies on your shoulders so that everything functions smoothly. The seller files the GSTR 2A on your behalf.


How frequently you need to file GSTR 2A?

GSTR 2A deals with details of inward supplies of goods and taxes. There is no due date to fill the GSTR 2A as this is auto-populated. So, it directly depends on the suppliers who have filled in the details on your behalf. You can easily claim it in the month in which the supplier has filed the data.


How can I amend mistakes in the form?

You can’t make any changes to the GSTR 2A form as it is a read-only document. So, you can only verify the details in the form. If you wish to make some changes then those changes should be incorporated in the GSTR 2 form.


How to claim your Input Tax Credit (ITC)?

When the seller has filed the GSTR 2A on your behalf then you can claim your ITC from the government. Yourbooks has made your task much simpler. As soon as your seller has filed the form on your behalf, the details will be automatically populated on our portal and you can claim your ITC.

We assure you that you will get the 100% ITC based on your supplies. We provide you with an authenticated and secured gateway to achieve the purpose. With the help of a single mouse click, you can claim your ITC and that too without any sort of trouble.


What to do if your seller is unable to fill GSTR 1 in time?

There is no need to panic if your seller was unable to fill GSTR 1 in time. You can claim your ITC by filing GSTR 2 by yourself. Once you fill the GSTR 2 time then the details will start displaying in GSTR 2A. Yourbooks provide you with an efficient and convenient way to claim your ITC in an organized manner.


Comparison between GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B

              GSTR 2A                GSTR 2B
1.It is automatically populated as the supplier fills the form. 1. It remains static for a particular month and it is not dependant on the supplier.
2. It can be claimed monthly. 2. It needs to be filled monthly.


Getting acquainted with Yourbooks portal of GSTR 2A

Yourbooks provide you with an efficient way to claim your ITC. The interface has been designed in an organized way. As you can see from the depiction that you can even select the interval in which you want to see the GST claims. You can select the from and to date as per your convenience.

You can see the depositor’s detail that has deposited the GST on your behalf in red color. This GST amount you can claim from the government side. You can also see that if some seller has delayed in filing the GST, then that amount won’t be shown in the deposited section.


Yourbooks give you an assurance that you can get the maximum value of your claims and there is no chance that you can miss out on your claims. Taking care of your convenience is our priority and we’ll always strive to deliver you the best.

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